Mathematics Education

Fully Asynchronous Math Teaching and Learning Projects

Online Concept and Course Review Videos

I've now made a TON of YouTube and Panopto videos to help students review important concepts for midterms and final exams. Selected videos and video-series include:

A "How to Study for Your Math Final" video
A series on confidence intervals
A series on hypothesis testing
A unit circle review
A review of the tests for convergence of a series
A trigonometry review
...and many, many more.


I'm teaching a fully asynchronous online section of Calculus 3 this summer (2021), and I'm taking the opportunity to apply all that I've learned teaching and tutoring remotely and in-person.

Hybrid Math Teaching and Learning Projects

Intro to Math for Business

I taught a hybrid section of Introduction to Math for Business this spring (2021), and my students and I were able to experiment with a lot of fun educational technology.

Teaching Experience

Courses I've taught include:

Precalculus An introduction to polynomials, exponentials, logarithms, and trigonometric functions.
Calculus and Algebra A two-semester course in which pre-requisite algebra and precalculus knowledge are integrated into the standard Calculus 1 curriculum.
Introduction to Math for Business An introduction to polynomials, exponentials, and logarithms through the lens of their business and financial applications.
Elementary Statistics An introduction to statistics and probability, including binomial, geometric, and normal distributions, as well as confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-squared tests, and linear regression.
Calculus 1-3 The standard calculus sequence, beginning with an introduction to functions (first in 1 variable, then several), through the computation of limits (first in 1 variable, then several), derivatives (and partial derivatives), and integrals (including multiple integrals), incorporating applications to the sciences and translated to polar, spherical, and cylindrical coordinate systems, when appropriate.

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